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Poker Betting

Poker is to a big extent a match of chance. However with the introduction of betting, it becomes a matter of psychology and skill. In most of the games, there is some amount that is bet at first, into the pot and betting is by and large done in a clockwise manner. In general, players are supposed to bet when they get a good hand. Players who do not have good hands are expected to fold. Below we describe certain situations where betting could be used as a strategy:

When you find yourself in the dealer's position, and only you and the blinds are left in the game, a raise is often called "blind-stealing". This is for the reason that the blinds may fold, whereas if you didn't raise but simply called, the blinds would plainly check. Doubtless it is a good way to make a quid or two, but will never make you wealthy. It is more of a way to finish the game fast and have a new hand dealt with more players & obviously more money.

The Steal-Raise
If you are last player to act and all players have checked to you, betting to purely limit the number of players or take the pot is called a steal-raise. Avoid using this exclusively, as better players will be onto you quickly and begin check-raising against your, almost certainly, poor hand. It is good to use a steal raise when you have an outstanding drawing hand such as a nut flush draw. Players would tend to "check to the raiser". If you draw to your own hand, you now have a larger pot to win. If you do not, you can always check, and expect the fifth card makes your hand.

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