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Poker Tells

Poker Tells Poker Tells are anything that you record while observing your opponent. This information then helps you to work out what hand he is holding.

Tells play a large part in live games where you are face to face with your opponents, and can watch their changing mannerisms and actions. Online poker of course does not have that physical characteristic as we cannot see our opponents. Nor do our opponents cansee us.

Nonetheless there are still a number of tells that we can use in online play to help us work out what hand our opponent might have.

A fundamental rule in Poker tells says “Weak means Strong, and Strong means Weak”

This is the underlying truth of all Poker Tells. It regards that when humans want to conceal their true intentions, they tend to operate the opposite of what they really mean.

The Online Pause Tell
In online Poker, a long pause followed by a check, typically means opponent has nothing or has a weak hand. A long pause leading to a bet, usually means your opponent has a very strong hand.

Keep well in mind there are many reasons your opponent might pause. It could be as innocent as a bad internet connection or a quick visit to the bathroom etc. But apart from these situations it is by and large indicative of a subconscious action.

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