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Poker Strategy

The gaming arena of Poker or better still online Poker is not a mindless event with no set rules or roadmap. In fact each and every game and its multiple variant come with a network of tactics and specific guidelines.

Reading Your Opponents
Most players have certain specific tendencies. With some practice, you should be able to make out roughly what they hold, before they turn over their cards at the showdown. You must collect all the information you have on your opponent from preceding hands and try to establish what s/he is now holding from the way the present hand is being played. You may not always be right, but that is part of the fun of the game.

Keenly observe how often each of your opponents sees the flop. Players who see the flop rarely can be counted on to have good starting hands, particularly when they are in early or middle position. Instead, players who see the flop rather frequently will often have poor starting hands.

When you get to see an opponent's cards in the showdown, rerun the hand in your mind. Mentally note if s/he played the hand in an over-aggressive or oddly passive fashion.

Slow playing
Slow playing is to let your opponents believe you have less of a hand then you actually do. If you flop a very strong hand (an ace high flush, or a high straight), there is no need to scare people out of the pot as there is little chance of someone hitting a better hand than you. Hence, you should wait till the ‘turn’ or possibly even the ‘river’ to bet at the pot. Slow playing can win you some big pots, but you have to be careful not to attempt it too often.

Knowing the truth of winning
Never forget that to become a winning poker player, you do not have to win some money each time you sit out. Learn to be able to accept that you will loose on some days. When that happens, it is essential not to think quitting. Also never be misled into thinking that you had poor luck for so long that you must get lucky finally. This line of thinking will only bring you more frustration and loosing. Even the best players are beaten on some days. What makes them great is that they are able to believe it knowing that they played the best they could.

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